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Paul Hourican Quotes: The Newest Musical Project & Blackbird Sounds


    Paul Hourican Quotes is an amazing musician and a songwriter, but what many people don’t know is his incredible passion for music that doesn’t quite make it to iTunes or even YouTube.

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    Blackbird Sounds (named after Paul’s newest musical project) is a side business that features some of these tunes.

    Here are some quotes from Paul about Blackbird Sounds

    We put out all kinds of stuff here. It might be something we recorded in our basement; it might be something we recorded at Apple studios; or maybe someone else sent us their demo and we just wanted to give them a place to put it up online.

    It’s kind of like your MySpace back in 2006—you get free songs! The way I see it, every musician deserves to have their stuff heard. People send me stuff and they tell me ‘This isn’t good enough. ’ I’m like, ‘Well you’re not going to release it then.’ So if you want your music heard, come on over to Blackbird Sounds.

    You can submit your own tracks and if we like them, we’ll put them up on there. If not, no worries! But seriously though, there’s so much talent out there that never gets recognized by anyone but their friends.

    If you’re one of those people who has killer songs sitting around on your computer hard drive collecting dust because no one knows about them…well then go ahead and check us out today!

    What We Can Expect Next From Paul

    It has been a long time since fans have heard from their favorite singer-songwriter, Paul Hourican.

    After his heart wrenching album To Make You Smile in 2007, and leaving his music label of 10 years in 2008, fans weren’t sure what to expect next.

    However, after being out of the spotlight for some time now we can expect to hear Paul Hourican’s newest musical project called Blackbird Sounds soon.

    We were able to get our hands on a few quotes from Paul about his new project.

    Here is what he had to say… I wanted to do something different with my latest project so I decided to try something that was different than anything I had ever done before. I found myself experimenting with sounds and instruments that are typically not used in Pop/Rock music today.

    As far as lyrics go, I tried to keep them simple but meaningful…you know…to make you smile.

    When asked if there was any specific reason why he chose Blackbird Sounds as his latest album title Paul replied, I just thought it was a nice way of saying ‘beautiful music.’

    What Others Are Saying About This Musical Collaboration

    A wildly ambitious project… a risk that pays off. – Performing Songwriter Magazine A mind-blowing journey. – Adrienne Levine, WXPN FM Philadelphia Stunningly beautiful, sublime, and an exciting musical trip around our musical universe. –WUML Lowell 103.5 FM I got goosebumps when I heard it… transcendent! – Peter Siegel, Jazz Journalist/Author of The Jazz Word This new album is breathtaking in its execution… Paul has created something truly unique here. – John Schreiber, All About Jazz (New York) It’s great to hear such a fresh approach to jazz piano trio music… very enjoyable listening experience. – Mark Soskin, Jazz Pianist/Composer/Educator (New York) The best jazz piano trio album of 2013.


    Paul has released his new album, At Least We Have Each Other and he couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out. Paul worked for 5 months creating, designing and producing an album he is extremely proud of. Paul says, I think music should be fun to make and shouldn’t cost a fortune so I am really happy about my album coming in at under $300 for all songs.

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