Non-EU/EEA Students Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

By | April 8, 2022

Amsterdam Merit Literacy2022/23 is presently accepting applications from international academics. The literacy is aimed at non-EU/EEA scholars interested in starting a degree program at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the academic year 2022/2023.

Non-EU/EEA Students Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) aspires to draw the greatest minds from around the world to its international classrooms. An Amsterdam Merit Scholarship is available to outstanding scholars from outside the EU/EEA (AMS).
University of Amsterdam Education Guarantor(s) (UvA)

The education will be completed at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Literacy is a type of education.

Undergraduate and postgraduate education positions are available.

Scholarship Potential Education coverage ranges from partial to complete
Eligibility Criteria Learn more about education ( below)

Eligibility by Country/Seeker Scholars from outside the EU/EEA
DETAILS | Amsterdam Merit Literacy 2022-23
The University of Amsterdam’s Amsterdam Merit Literacy program is a monthly offer aimed at high-achieving scholars from outside the EU/EEA. The following faculties/graduate seminaries provide scholarship opportunities.

Education and Child Development
Humanities in Economics and Business
lores sociales
Who qualifies?
Scholars with non-EU/EEA passports who have applied to the University of Amsterdam for a degree program may apply for an Amsterdam Merit Scholarship.

Procedures for Operation
How to Implement Operations should be submitted to the Graduate Seminaries’ Admissions Services. The AMS deadlines vary per Faculty or Graduate School. On the Faculty or Graduate School websites, you can find the precise eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and operation instructions ( find links at a sanctioned website).

The deadline for Operation Between 1 February and 1 April, varies.

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