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Kumawood actor cum musician, Frank Osei, popularly referred to as Frank Naro, has lamented how dumsor collapsed the film industry.

Kumawood actor cum musician, Frank Osei, popularly referred to as Frank Naro, has lamented how dumsor collapsed the film industry.

According to him, the persistent, irregular, and unpredictable power failure during the time when the assembly of Ghanaian movies has abundantly affected the demand for Ghanaian movies.

Speaking in an interview on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra show, he said: “The collapse of the film industry started with dumsor. Usually, on Mondays, a minimum of ten movies was released for the market. But people stopped patronizing the CDs for fear that there’ll be power outages that won’t allow them to observe this movie reception. When dumsor was minimal people began to ditch CDs. The digital had appropriated. All the DVDs were a thing of the past.

Frank furthered that albeit, dumsor had destroyed tons, the leaders of the film industry didn’t do enough to elevate the film industry. “But a number of our leaders weren’t smart enough. check out the music industry. At first, the main target was on albums but now people release singles and specialize in online streaming”, he added.

The sentiments by Frank Naro on the failings of the Ghanaian film industry was also expressed by comic actor, Akrobeto, late last year.

According to him, the frequent blackouts greatly affected the work of the film industry players.

Ghanaians experienced an irregular supply of power between 2013 and 2016, locally mentioned as ‘dumsor’.

The persistent power outages frustrated many of us and also led to the collapse of some businesses within the country

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