Jamvat Jamaican Scholarship Program Application Process

By | April 8, 2022

JAMVAT Information

The acronym JAMVAT stands for Jamaica Values and Attitudes. The Jamvat Jamaican Scholarship Program helps students who have been accepted into a recognized university in Jamaica but are unable to pay their tuition due to financial constraints. These students, however, are offered not only scholarships but also the opportunity to contribute to the state through 200 hours of community service.

Jamvat Jamaican Scholarship Program Application Process

The JAMVAT program has two goals: students participate in community service, increase their civic awareness, and the government pays 30% of the student’s tuition costs, which must not exceed $350,000 per year. To be eligible for the 30% tuition subsidy, JAMVAT members must volunteer for 200 hours or more before or after the program ends.

Jamaican citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 (on or before December 31) of the year in which the application is made.
Only applicants enrolled full-time in their first undergraduate course of study are eligible.
The applicant’s higher education institution must be accredited by the University Council of Jamaica.
Applicants must be enrolled in University Council of Jamaica-accredited courses.
Applicants must have completed their matriculation. Students in bridging, preliminary, or articulated programs are not eligible for financial aid.
Applicants must be jobless at the time of application.
Applicants who are Student Loan Bureau (SLB) beneficiaries are eligible for assistance.
To be eligible for the award, applicants must have a (B) average or a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 in high school.
The scholarship cannot be carried over to the next academic year; the recipient must use the funds in the year in which they were awarded.
Only applicants who volunteer for at least 200 hours at a government or non-profit organization will be considered for the grant.
The applicants must demonstrate academic excellence. As a result, the scholarship recipient will not be able to retake a grade owing to academic failure.
Applicants who have received three (3) financial aid disbursements through the JAMVAT program are ineligible.
Applicants must be in desperate need of financial help.
Documents Required for JAMVAT Scholarship Applications
Application forms that have been completed. The application form can be downloaded here.
New student acceptance letter (the letter should not be older than six months). A valid ID/certified copy of the Birth Certificate Transcript (no older than six months) for returning/continuing students.
Accounts statement/Tuition letter
Photo of passport size
Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) (TRN)
How Do I Apply for a JAMVAT Scholarship?
If you meet the requirements, you may proceed to download the application form:
Complete the application form with accurate information.
Please attach the files listed above. (Keep in mind that the documentation you’ll need differ depending on whether you’re a new or returning student.) For example, whereas new students must provide an acceptance letter, returning students must include a status letter.)
To: Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Tertiary Unit, Building three-four National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4
Application for Jamvat Scholarship

You may find the application form here. The application will not be processed if it is incomplete.

The JAMVAT scholarship program’s advantages
JAMVAT only pays 30% of TUITION to its recipients.
Students who successfully complete the requisite 200 hours of volunteer work are granted a one-time stipend of $10,000.00.
The volunteer service benefits students by raising their understanding of civic/civil duties.
Students get experience, check their status, and interact with national-interest speakers.
Volunteerism helps students contribute to the neighbourhood and national development.
Real-world professional experience is also beneficial to students.
Deadline for Jamvat Scholarships

From Wednesday, April 1, 2020, until June 30, 2020, JAMVAT will accept application forms for the 2020/2021 academic year.

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