International Scholarships in Singapore By Nanyang

By | April 8, 2022

Transnational scholars interested in studying in Singapore can apply for a fully-funded education at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore through the university’s Nanyang Scholarship program. The operating phase of the education is currently open for 2022/23.

International Scholarships in Singapore By Nanyang

Outstanding newcomers attending undergraduate programs are granted the Nanyang Scholarship, NTU’s most prestigious undergraduate education. Scholars who excel academically, display significant leadership potential and maintain outstanding co-curricular records are awarded the Nanyang Scholarship.
Nanyang Technological University is the educational guarantor.

Type of Education Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is a fully-funded literacy host institution.
See Scholarship Benefits for further information.
Several awards have been given out.

Undergraduate Nation International Students Study Position

Nanyang Scholarship Programme 2022 Eligibility Criteria
All ethnicities are welcome.
Successful applicants should enrol in a full-time undergraduate program. The education will last throughout your time at NTU.
Maintain an outstanding Singapore-Cambridge GCE’A’ position, a diploma from a Singapore polytechnic, an NUS High School Diploma, an IB Diploma, or original Year 12 qualifications.
Excellent extracurricular achievements.
Rates of strong leadership and their likelihood
Advantages of Education
Subsidized education freights in their entirety (after Tuition Grant).
S$ each academic year as a living allowance
Per academic year, a housing stipend of over S$ is provided.
(Only valid for education holders living in NTU caravansaries.)
A trip entitlement of more than S$ for an abroad program is subject to the restrictions and conditions set forth in the Trip Entitlement Form.
S$ computer allowance (one-off).
The Nanyang Scholarship is not subject to the three-year bond required of all Singapore PRs and transnational scholars under the MOE Tuition Grant Scheme.
Procedures for Operation
How to Get Started Before submitting their operation for schooling, aspirants must submit their operation for admission. At the conclusion of your online application for admission, you will find a link to “Apply for Scholarship.”

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