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How to Become a Notary in Florida: The Ultimate Guide

    How to Become a Notary in Florida

    How to Become a Notary in Florida: The Ultimate Guide; Becoming a notary in Florida can help you advance your career and earn extra income, depending on what you do with the credential after obtaining it.

    If you’re interested in becoming a notary in Florida, take some time to learn about the requirements and the process before getting started.

    I’ll cover each of these topics in detail below, so read on to find out more.

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    Getting Started

    Becoming a notary is a great way to serve your community and make some extra money. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a notary in Florida.

    First, you’ll need to take a six-hour course from an approved provider. Next, you’ll need to pass a state-administered exam.

    After that, you’ll need to submit an application to the state. The final step is getting bonded. You can apply for bonding by filling out an online form on the Secretary of State website.

    You’ll need to include a passport photo and $40 for processing. Once you’re done with all of these steps, you’re ready to start signing documents. Some people have their own business as a notary, while others do it part-time.

    Just like any other profession, you should check with your local chamber of commerce or government agencies to see if there are any regulations or limitations on what types of transactions you can sign off on.

    It may also be worth contacting your homeowners’ insurance company to find out how they handle coverage when they get a notification that one of their policyholders has been acting as a notary.

    Becoming a Florida Notary Public

    To become a Notary Public in Florida, you must be at least 18 years old, a resident of Florida, and have no felony convictions.

    You must also complete a three-hour online education course and pass a background check. After that, you’ll need to purchase a surety bond and submit your application to the Florida Department of State.

    The cost of becoming a Notary Public in Florida is around $100. Once you’re sworn in, you can start charging for your services. As a notary public, you are tasked with ensuring people’s signatures are authentic by reviewing the documents they sign.

    In some cases, this may include having them sign their name on an oath swearing they were present when documents were signed or witnessed.


    In conclusion the fee for each notarization varies from state to state but averages between $5 and $10 per signature, so it’s important to charge fairly without gouging people or creating barriers for those who don’t have much money.


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