Grand Canyon University Transfer Scholarships: All You Should Know

By | April 8, 2022

Higher education costs are often the essential aspects in deciding which universities to attend, and we acknowledge this at the University of Grand Canyon. As a result, we provide a variety of scholarships and grants to assist students in funding their Christian education.

Grand Canyon University Transfer Scholarships: All You Should Know

Scholarships for Transfer Students

You may be eligible for scholarships starting at GCU as a transfer student. This grant program is available to students who do not enrol in universities in the semester after their secondary school graduation and international students.

SAT and ACT scores cannot be used to apply for indirect first scholarships after taking college courses. Instead, you must provide an unofficial transcript from each college you have attended since graduating from high school. In addition, all of the institutions you attend must provide official transcripts after the end of the final term.

To be eligible for indirect scholarships, students with 24 or more college credit experiments must use their cumulative GPA, while those with less than 24 college credit experiments must use their secondary school GPA. Some of our transfer advantages are as follows:


Renewable and Generous

The University of Grand Canyon offers a variety of viable scholarship options to help students pay for their higher education. We have five different levels of first scholarship awards ranging from $ 1,500 to $6,750. The amount of scholarship money you get is determined by your GPA, test score, or SAT score.

This award is also available to overseas students in gap years! All of our scholarships at Grand Canyon University can also be updated every year. You must fulfil or surpass the minimal GPA standards of your appreciation program to keep your scholarship.


Because our scholarship is based on GPA, if you receive one, you must adhere to the program’s standards and remain a full-time student at GCU.

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