Global Citizen Scholarship Program By Ban Ki-moon

By | April 8, 2022

The Ban Ki-moon Global Citizen Scholarship Program’s 2022 operational phase is officially available. The program empowers young, active global citizen-leaders who are committed to the SDGs and would otherwise be deprived of valuable educational opportunities, networking opportunities, and peer-to-peer exchange.

Global Citizen Scholarship Program By Ban Ki-moon

The Ban Ki-moon Centre will select 15 young African global citizen leaders for the program in 2022 who are passionate about achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 11. ( Sustainable Metropolises and Communities).
Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens Education Guarantor(s)

Type of Education Literacy Host Institution with Full Funding (s) Virtual/ Colorful

Education Deserves Full Support Number of Awards 15

International Student’s Postgraduate Study Position

Ban Ki-moon Global Citizen Scholarship 2022 Eligibility Criteria
African youngsters from one of five African countries are experiencing rapid urbanization. Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, and Morocco are among the countries involved.
20-35 years old
Graduate or doctoral/post-doctoral scholars OR recent master’s degree or advanced degree grads are required.
Aspirants must show a strong commitment to the SDGs (especially SDG 11) and global citizenship aspirations.
Aspirants must demonstrate that they would otherwise be unable to attend such an event.
Aspirants must demonstrate a basic command of the English language. B2 (European Norms)
Program Advantages
Content for summer academy training with the University of Bordeaux, as well as content for chops training with MCI and other specialist shops, is included in the price.
After the successful submission of a design offer, a 500€ seed entitlement will be granted to enable the execution of an SDGMicro-Project.
After the successful completion of the SDGMicro-Project, the Ban Ki-moon Centre’s Co-chairs inked a Certificate of Achievement.
Scholars who successfully complete the program and receive their instruments are invited to join the Alumni Network class.
Scholars and named systems will be further platformed via RELX’s SDG Resource Centre, the BKMC website, social media, and transnational forums.
Procedures for Operation
How to Get Started By the deadline, interested and qualifying campaigners should send the following items to

Current CV with a date of birth and country of origin. Passports and other forms of formal identification are frequently overlooked.
Academic titles and/or registration documentation
Provocation letter (limit 500 words; see guidelines at a sanctioned point) SDGMicro-Project pitch (limit 500 words; read guidelines at a sanctioned point) Operation Deadline 3 April 2022 at 11 p.m. CET

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