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Getting more magnesium through your diet for sleep

How are you able to take magnesium for sleep safely?
Getting more magnesium through your diet is a simple thanks to up your intake if you think that magnesium might assist you to rest easier. The NIH recommends that each woman aged 19 to 30 get 310 milligrams of magnesium every day. From age 31 on, the recommended intake is 320 milligrams.

But going overboard with the magnesium might be dangerous: “Magnesium in high concentrations could raise the magnesium level in blood, [and] which will affect the guts,” Dr. Barone explains.
Taking a magnesium supplement before bed each night is an alternative choice, though you ought to definitely run this by your medical care doctor first (since it’s an honest idea to allow them to realize any new supplements or medications you’re on). “Everybody who’s taking any quiet supplement should let their doctor know,” Dr. Barone says. If your physician okays your decision to requesting more magnesium through your dieting magnesium, it’s crucial—as it’s with all medications—to stick with the recommended dosage on the label.

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