Canada Student VISA: How To Apply 2022

By | April 8, 2022

Year after year, the goal of most twenty-first-century students is to study abroad in search of greener pastures. Most young people wish to study in a variety of nations, but the majority believe that Canada is the most popular.

Canada is regarded as being a fantastic area to not only live but also to study, given the numerous options available.

If you plan to study in Canada for less than one year, you will require a Canada study permit.

Furthermore, you should obtain a study permit before travelling to Canada because switching to another program would be difficult.

If you obtain a resident permit in Canada and it expires while you are there, you can easily renew it.

Canada Student VISA: How To Apply 2022

There are primarily two ways to apply for a study permit: online or on paper.

However, applying online is recommended because it is faster and saves time. A debit/credit card is necessary when applying online. Scanned copies of your documents are also required. Because each country has distinct criteria, your country’s immigration agency will provide you with the relevant documentation.

How to Get a Student Visa in Canada

Step 1: Obtaining a formal letter of admission from any reputable Canadian university is the most significant step in obtaining a Canadian student visa.

Step 2: After completing the previous step, obtain a Canadian student visa application package. On the website, you can find out more. You can also apply for a visa at a Canadian embassy in your country. Applying online, once again, maybe less stressful.


Step 3: The CIC website will ask for your bio-data. They will inform you whether or not you are eligible. These questions must be accurately answered.

Step 4: If you are declared eligible after the answers to the questions are released, you will be issued a personal checklist code that is valid for 60 days. The code is necessary for the application to be submitted.

Make a copy of the part containing the code because it will be needed for reference. The tuition fee, application guide, and list of required documents to submit are all listed on this page.

Step 5: When you’re ready to apply for an MYCIC account, input the code you were given in step 4 into the box provided. You will receive your own checklist document, which will allow you to upload and email documents to cic.

Step 6: The application is now submitted to CIC; however, before submitting, double-check that all documents are in order and that all school fees have been paid.

Step 7: Applicants are only occasionally invited to an interview at their country’s visa office.

I hope the information provided here has assisted you in determining the proper procedures to take in order to obtain your Canada student visa. If you have any more questions, please use the comment section to ask them.

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