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Udacity AWS DeepRacer International Scholarship

Get the newest tech skills to boost your career with the Udacity AWS DeepRacer International Scholarship. Students from all over the world are encouraged to take part in the Udacity AWS DeepRacer Course and DeepRacer League. All students over the age of 18 who wish to improve their machine learning skills and compete in the… Read More »

Education: Fully-Funded CRCC Asia International Internships

The University of Calgary is making an effort to educate students, which is why the Fully-funded CRCC Asia International Internships programs are available. The goal of this educational grant is to provide a fully-financed program for students from the Disabilities, Jewish, Black, STEM, and Foster/Care Leaver communities who are currently or planning to study at… Read More »

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program: The University of Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships provide exceptional international students with the chance to study at one of the world’s most outstanding universities in one of the world’s most multicultural cities. The scholarship program is designed to honour students who excel academically and creatively, as well… Read More »

Harvard University Scholarships in 2022 for International Students

Harvard University was founded in 1636 and is the oldest university in the United States. It is named for philanthropist John Harvard and is one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. Harvard is a private Ivy League university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with ten academic faculties. The oldest is Harvard College, followed by the… Read More »

Jamvat Jamaican Scholarship Program Application Process

JAMVAT Information The acronym JAMVAT stands for Jamaica Values and Attitudes. The Jamvat Jamaican Scholarship Program helps students who have been accepted into a recognized university in Jamaica but are unable to pay their tuition due to financial constraints. These students, however, are offered not only scholarships but also the opportunity to contribute to the… Read More »

Women In STEM Scholarships 2022 – Apply!

It’s certainly no surprise that women continue to outnumber their male counterparts in science and engineering disciplines; as a result, you can see why this piece on women in stem scholarships is so essential. What’s new is that more organizations and corporations are prioritizing and investing financially in the recruitment of women into STEM fields.… Read More »

Cambrian College Jobs, Admissions, Scholarships

Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada’s Cambrian Institution is a technical and vocational college. It is one of the largest institutions in northern Ontario, Canada, with approximately 11,000 students. Across three locations, the institution has over 4100 students enrolled in 80 full-time programs and over 7000 students enrolled in around 900 part-time courses and programs. Continue reading… Read More »

How to Fund Your Studies Abroad

You have a desire to study abroad, but you have little or no resources to make that desire a reality. This is a common scenario for most international students wishing to study in nations such as the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. When making plans to continue your education, keep in mind the… Read More »

Canada Student VISA: How To Apply 2022

Year after year, the goal of most twenty-first-century students is to study abroad in search of greener pastures. Most young people wish to study in a variety of nations, but the majority believe that Canada is the most popular. Canada is regarded as being a fantastic area to not only live but also to study,… Read More »

How Much Money Can A Scholarship Give Me?

Scholarship applications are one of the best ways for students who want to pursue post-secondary education without going into significant debt. “How much scholarship money can I get?” you may be asking. College is expensive, and full scholarships are a rarity unless you are among the top 1% of the most competitive candidates. Even if… Read More »